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Sublime intimate touches for the gentleman

Posted on Dec 14, 2016



So I understand that you are just tired of that very rushed unsanitary place that you are getting your weekly massage. Stop and start enjoying the real experience of luxury body rub in a very beautiful safe, private environment. The sessions are guaranteed to please you, I promise you will leave scheduling your next appointment.

I am available for an appointment today with you. Come and see me at my upscale apartment in upper west side. To follow is a description of the service that will be provided for you at your hotel or home. I am a naughty massage therapist. I do look forward to having a session with you this afternoon or early evening. Couples by request and ladies are welcome also with an appointment.

As your sensual erotic massage therapist, I will start by relaxing and connecting with you while sensually charged music plays softly in the background. You will find my breathing will become synchronised with yours in a gentle steady flow.

We will begin with lying face down naked, on the massage bed. I will perform a relaxing massage on the back, neck, and legs. I use very basic sensual therapeutic principles of relaxing massage, I always keep my hands in contact with your body, never breaking the positive connection of energy passing between us. It is never rushed, I do take my time, staying rhythmic yet sensitive, and proceeding from long gliding touches to deeper ones. At this time you will feel all your senses focused on the touch of my hands.

After relaxing you I will gently start rubbing you.I will begin by standing at the top by your body and bending over and gently stroking your back from the bottom to the top. You will feel the gentle caress of my breast and nipples on your neck and back as I do this. Next, you will feel me slide down your body to your feet where I will sit on the bed on my knees between your legs. I will now start long gentle gliding touches from your arms over your shoulders, down your sides and along your buttocks, all the while you will feel my body brushing yours. I will continue these pleasant touches down the backs of your legs to your feet and back up the sides of your legs. Remember none of this is ever rushed.

I will now have you turn over and I will start long gliding touches from your shoulders down over your abdomen onto your legs, you will again feel the erotic charge of my body caressing and teasing yours. This teasing process is drawn out by brushing the inner thighs, near the genitals, very lightly touching the pubic region. At this point, the erotic energy is building, making it a natural time to start shifting the focus to the centres of your body.

The massage is never rushed. I will slow down, stop, or change what I am doing just before becomes inevitable. This repeated "peaking" process will help you learn to have many pleasures without Although delaying during the course of the erotic massage is desirable from the perspective of maximising pleasure, many do like to finish the erotic massage with one. This is perfectly acceptable. provides a considerable spark of pleasure. Schedule your appointment soon. I am ready to take you on a very sensual erotic vacation today.