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Overweight women in tight clothes – shocking or enchanting appearance?

Posted on Aug 29, 2017

Nowadays society sets certain physical standards. We are not saying that this is a bad thing and we are not here to judge. If we take overweight women as an example, some have major complexes, while others are ok with their extra pounds. Still, are overweight women in tight clothes a shocking or a delightful appearance? Well, yes, of course, they are delightful. If they are careful about certain aspects, they will always have a great appearance. But that can work both ways and they can easily fall into the other extreme. 

First of all, there are plenty of women who know how to highlight their physical qualities, even if they do not fit ,, in the size of the fashion”. A well-chosen dress, a matching accessory or even a tight blouse, can favour women with some extra pounds.

A well-chosen outfit can help you look even better than those skinny girls.

Let’s follow some basic rules. The most important and the well-known rule, directly to the subject: avoid large clothes. Even if we have the impression of hiding, well, it’s a wrong impression. Large clothes always give volume. Go for tight, but not uncomfortable. Stay away from clothes with a smaller size if you don’t want the shocking appearance, in a bad way, of course. Instead choose vertical stripes, A-shaped skirts and right-stitched pants. Also, a good bra offers not only the support that the chest needs, but also accentuates the waist. Some last tips: if you have a prominent abdomen, make sure the length of the jacket completely covers the abdomen and when it comes to shoes, choose deep-cut shoes for giving the leg stretching effect. 

Secondly, it’s not the physique that matters the most. Trusting yourself is the most important quality. The woman who trusts her charm may not even have an extraordinary physique because the inner beauty reflects on her face and body. Even an overweight woman can be very appealing through the joy of living that she emanates. Clothes, tight or not, are just ,,a wrapper”. There will always be someone more beautiful, smarter, or richer than we are, with better taste in fashion and fewer pounds. That’s not the point.  Let’s remember that even women with modelling measures have bad moments.  Surveys showed that most women feel too fat, even if their appreciation does not correspond to reality. Just accept who you are.

As a conclusion, remember you are not beautiful despite the fact that you are oversized, but on the contrary, you are beautiful due to the fact that you are oversized. I’m sure you’ll know the difference. Have you a certain style? That’s great. Give up loose clothing and wear tight clothes if that’s what you want. Just wear them with pride and trust. Overweight women in tight clothes? Enchanting appearance if they have good vibes and shocking appearance if they exaggerate and the character is undesirable.

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