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Head Massage - Benefits of Head Massage

Posted on Jan 22, 2017

The head massage is a technique of manipulating soft tissues within the shoulders and scalp. The therapist uses a selection of various massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate the head and neck vicinity. A normal massage lasts approximately 20 mins.

The rub down is largely made of three components; the neck, shoulders, and head.

The neck and shoulder rubdown enables lymphatic drainage, eliminates muscle tension and stimulates move. This helps to disperse waste material from the frame and distribute oxygen to all the tissues.

the pinnacle massage stimulates and improves scalp flow, which improves the energy, texture and growth of hair.

The face rub down soothes and rebalances your strength flow, making you feel calm and tranquil.

the pinnacle, greater than any other a part of your body, maximum completely represents, who you're. It is the centre of your nervous machine, the seat of your intelligence and the repository of your identity. If your head feels desirable, you feel accurate. The skull is protected with a skinny layer of muscle, which tightens when we're aggravating, ensuing in headaches arid emotions of anxiety. By enjoyable this muscle, a head rubdown can improve blood go with the flow, alleviate tension and loosen up your entire frame. Your scalp, face, neck and shoulders are all strength centres, in which anxiety can gather. An aggregate of rhythmic strokes will soothe and rebalance the energy float, developing feelings of ease and peace.

Practitioners massage the shoulders, neck, scalp and face with change company and mild movements, which loosen up the skinny layer of muscle protecting the top, improving blood go with the flow, nourishing hair follicles and alleviating tension and stress. The physical blessings are obtained immediately with rest of the muscle groups and easing of hysteria. It will also relieve mental tiredness, promote clearer wondering, and deliver a higher degree of alertness and attention.

On a subtle level the higher chakras, or power degrees, are points of attention at some point of the treatment, allowing stagnant strength to be released whilst balancing the chakras (electricity stages) and helping the frame to work in a more harmonious and non-violent manner.

Do it yourself

the subsequent head rubs down will help lower muscle anxiety and at the identical time assist in enhancing the circumstance of your hair. In just 10 minutes, you can be free of headaches and the rubbing motion of the pinnacle will boom blood drift, as a consequence nourishing hair follicles.

  1. before beginning changing into free, at ease garments discover a quiet, heat, relaxing region to perform the massage.
  2. sit up straight in a chair with your returned resting at the returned guide. Setting both your toes flat on the ground, take some deep breaths and visualise the nice and cosy solar in your face. Now deal with enjoyable each muscle to your body individually, till you are absolutely at ease.
  3. If essential oils are available, the perfume selected will further help to relax your stiff muscle mass. If you have dry hair: olive, sesame, or cold-compressed sunflower oil have to be used. While greasy hair has to. Be massaged with almond, or sesame oil.
  4. To growth hair growth, sandalwood, or rosemary may be tried and a few drops of tea-tree oil may be used to treat dandruff. Heat a number of the chosen vital oil inside the palm of your fingers and lightly rub it into the crown of your head.
  5. using your fingers and fingertips rub some greater oil into your hair, going from the sides and again of your head up to the crown.
  6. Then use your fingertips and thumbs to press on the scalp in a downward and forward way developing heat through friction by using small, rhythmic actions over one spot. Make certain to work your way over the entire head, once more coming up from the perimeters and lower back. This can loosen up the scalp muscle mass and bring a calming and cosy feeling.
  7. subsequent, area the heels of your arms over your temples and, at the same time as keeping one hand still, pass the opposite hand up and down vigorously on the identical spot. This movement is a first rate one to pep up the blood flow in the scalp region.
  8. Repeat this step using the other hand as well and, then do the identical at the back and front of your head.
  9. Run your fingertips via your hair at the edges of your head and at the equal time close your hands and gently pull. The tugging action should be mild and now not difficult. Then, flow your palms from side to side.
  10. Now lightly rub the regions in front and above of your ears, the usage of a circular motion to eliminate any anxiety inside the temple place.
  11. placing your hands to your temples together with your arms pointing upwards, then repeatedly squeeze for five seconds and release. Repeat this, at the same time as squeezing the region above your ears.
  12. The muscle tissue on either aspect of your neck at the bottom of your skull is massaged subsequent, via fast rubbing them up and down along with your fingertips. Then, tilt your head returned and rest it to your thumbs, for fifteen seconds.
  13. subsequently, squeeze and relax your neck muscle mass, gently pulling them in a circular motion and move down and across to the hints of your shoulders. Use the proper hand for the proper facet of your neck and the left for the left aspect. This movement will lighten up all stiff muscle groups inside the shoulder and neck region.
  14. it's miles vital to take into account to lightly pass your fingers via your hair to relax your head.
  15. This form of massage can also be used inside the office without oil, to improve attention and paintings overall performance.

observe: as with all rub down treatments it's far necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water in the 24-hours following treatment which will flush out toxins. It's also essential to loosen up after the treatment, as a way to maximise its effectiveness.

Head rubdown must not be taken, when you have had a current neck harm