How to Give an Erotic Massage?

Give an Erotic Massage Nov 21, 2020

How to Give an Erotic Massage?

For the novice or inexperienced to give oral sex how to give an erotic massage can be very intimidating. Many men are afraid that their partner will not like it and this may cause some anxiety for the giver. The truth is that when a man gives a woman an orgasm she will always remember it and think of him as the reason for it. Giving a woman an orgasm is one of her greatest pleasures from sex because it makes her feel so special and wanted. A sensual, erotic massage can be given by a man to his partner as just an innocent gift on its own and in no strings attached “woah, just want to love you and your body”

An erotic massage is very different than the ordinary kneading and rubbing that occurs during intercourse. When giving your lover into an erotic massage you can use your hands, your mouth, and even your fingers. You can rub her entire body and stimulate all of her sensitive spots with your hands while softly sucking on her nipples and releasing her body tension. Using your fingers when you give her an erotic massage can stimulate her g-spot and let you feel like you are making her orgasm before you ever touch her.

Men who learn how to give an erotic massage can have their partner begging for more when they are done. To give a sensual massage you need to pay close attention to what your partner wants and then give it to her. Pay attention to how she reacts and this will help you know how to make her orgasm. If she gets really hot and bothered, she will probably request that you stop at that point. If you do not get rid of her tension you may not be able to keep going and she may get disappointed.

One important thing you should consider when giving her a massage is where you will place the towels and whether or not you will want to include her in the process. Some people prefer to have their partner to assist them but if you have someone helping you it may not be as enjoyable for you as it would be for her. You may want to consider using some silicone lube as well as towel lubricants for the easier clean up. This way your massage will go smoothly and she will be able to relax while you use the towel to remove it.

If you are using massage oils, try to use fragrance free soaps or oils that are meant for massage. Some perfumes can irritate the skin, causing you to break out or simply cause irritation. You should only use essential oils for your massage or scented oils if you are giving a sensual massage for your partner. Fragrance oils can also cause irritation. There are also soy and paraben-free massage oils available if you are looking for something easier on your budget.

It is also important to wash your partner off before your start massaging her. Never use water or try to rub your hands together instead of with the towel. You should also make sure you have a moisturizer on hand for after the massage because it will help keep your skin moist. Use your imagination and you will come up with many different ideas for things to do with the oil and towels. The more you do it the more you will get in the mood for giving pleasure to your partner.